About Tania

My name is Tania Naik and I am a 27-year-old, Gujarati girl currently working in Human Resources in the Silicon Valley. When I'm not at work I'm focusing on my side hustle - fitness.

I have a huge passion for fitness and weight lifting! I started my fitness journey for self-confidence and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. As I progressed, I fell in love with weight lifting and all the ways it enhanced my life, physically and mentally. Although I had a very active lifestyle growing up by playing soccer and participating in dance teams, I never made my health or fitness a priority. I had never lifted weights and never thought I’d consider myself an athlete.

During my last few years of college, I struggled with my self-image. I was unhappy with my body and my overall lifestyle, and that’s when I decided to make a change. I learned as much as I could about weight lifting, HIIT, and nutrition to make these changes. I surrounded myself with positive people, friends, and trainers who had similar goals as I did regarding living healthy lives. This is what pushed me the most and what introduced me to heavy weight lifting that ultimately changed my life.

I desire to be a strong woman in all aspects of my life and to be a role model for those who need an extra push to live healthy and happy.


My Mission

My mission is to create a community full of positive vibes and all smiles. Together we can create this community of encouragement and empower each other throughout our fitness journeys!

Social media is a powerful tool I see as a way to reach others and inspire them by simply sharing who I am and my progress throughout my fitness journey. I have been humbled by people’s reaction to my content and want to help as many individuals as I can.

Fitness should be fun and enjoyable and so I want to help you find this enjoyment and help you become the best version of yourself you can be by providing you with the tools, information, and inspiration you’ll need to start your own journey! I want to motivate others to be healthy, fit, and confident by being an example of someone who makes her health a priority while still living a fun balanced life!


South Asian Community

Breaking Stigmas as a South Asian Female in Fitness

There exists this negative mindset and stigma around women and fitness within the South Asian community. There are too many misconceptions and negative mindsets around weight lifting leading women to believe reasons why they should not lift weights. 

It is my goal to change these negative beliefs and mindsets and encourage South Asian women to lift weights and adopt a healthy lifestyle that differs from the traditional beliefs that in reality are holding us back from living happy and healthy lives.


Diversity & Inclusion

There is a huge lack of diverse representation within the fitness industry and I aim to change that. My vision for the industry is to include strong females of all shapes, sizes, and colors that represent different communities of the world. I wish I grew up seeing girls who looked like me and had similar backgrounds as me in the sports, fitness, and health industries. It would have allowed me to discover my passion for fitness and gain the courage to break stereotypes and boundaries much sooner!

That's why I created these branded t-shirts. To eliminate the "BS" that circulates within the industry. We are all beautiful regardless of our color, shape, and size and so I want to encourage all women to unleash their "spice" and flavor. We are all unique and beautiful and that needs to be represented more.


My Fitness Journey



28% Body Fat


21% Body Fat



Added more muscle


Lean muscle